If These Hands Could Talk, a story in pictures

Photos for middle of book with descriptions

Chaweng Beach, Thailand where my love of massage began under the shade of a banyan tree (Chapter 1)

My first office, The Pressure Point, in Germany. And my first price list: my massages were a steal! (chapter 4)

Phyllis and Florence, my welcoming committee, who I found in a plant pot in Germany (chapter 4)

A new modality: hot stone massage and Phyllis-the-kitty “helping.” The client insisted she stay! (Chapter 4)

Ingrid, “Frenchie”, my reflexology case study whose feet smelled of roses (Chapter 4)

Me, my husband Orlando and our Bernese Mountain Dog, Cheyenne


Cairo where my Egyptian “natural” massage therapist beat me to a pulp (Chapter 9)

Meeting my idol, Olivia Newton-John, in New York. She is a huge proponent of oncology massage. I named my new practice after her song, Grace & Gratitude.  (chapter 15)

Chair massage for the sailors’ homecoming  on Rota naval base in Spain (chapter 16)

My ice cream-loving dad; Dad with Teddy and his top ten gratitude list. I encourage anyone to do this to lift the spirits of a parent whose flame is waning (Chapter 18)

Demonstrating four-handed hot stone massage with Jeff, one of my most successful students. Teaching a new generation of massage therapists was the most rewarding and fun job I ever had (chapter 11)

Smurf, “Teacher’s Pet”, showing the location of the trachea on the bony man, with Play Doh  (chapter 11)

Allan and Smurf working in a tripod in practical class when students were oddly numbered (chapter 11)

Jeff and John practicing reflexology in practical class (chapter 11)

It’s never a vacation when you’re a massage therapist. In England massaging Dad, and in Singapore massaging Claudio on the dining room table, using olive oil from the kitchen

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